Sanctuary Health Services
Therapeutic Body Work and Massage

Massage therapy and special populations

Our bodies are energy.  When we experience a medical problem, we can enhance our recovery through alternative solutions such as acupuncture, meditation, massage, chiropractic care, hypnotherapy, and nutritionally through clean eating and supplementation etc...  Bringing the energetic body back into balance not only pertains to the physical body, but to the body that has incurred emotional insults and trauma.  Being aware of the emotional body is very important in providing effective massage.  

I am trained in Medical Massage, Oncology Massage and have a background in coaching and addictions counseling.  I enjoy and have had success working with special populations in psychiatric and medical hospitals as well as hospice and those living with autoimmune diseases such as MS, Parkinson, Fibromyalgia and developmental disabilities.  I do what I can through attentive listening to reassure clients that I will address their concerns with intention and safety.  Again, I take care to attend to emotional vulnerability and the mind body connection.